The one that loves you, you instantly recognize. She’s always been there. There’s never been any pressure. She’s level headed most of the time because she respects you. When you fight, even though she’s convinced that she is right, she’s open to the nuance in there that she might have missed. When she raises her voice it’ll never be to put you down but only to be heard. When the argument is over you won’t have to wonder how many things she said that she actually meant because you will take her headphones off and realize that it’s your DJ mix she fell asleep to. bronques
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When you finally hear the words “I don’t think this is working” you pantomime a kiss to the sky and you let your left brain do the talking as your right brain rejoices because you are free, finally free, from all of this pretender bullshit and you’re back on the path to fulfilling what you were put on this planet to do. Bronques is amaze.
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@bronques came back. not blonde or blue-eyed.